Boys Satin Christening Pants Set with Silver Accents 170S by Fouger

  • Brand: Fouger
  • Product Code: TG170SFG
  • Availability: In Stock


This is a 6 piece outfit

-Pleated front
-Wing tip collar boy’s tuxedo shirt
-Shirt has white studs

-White paisley vest
-Paisley pattern is on the back and front of the vest

Tuxedo Pants
-Elastic Waist
-Paisley striped down the side of the pant

-Tuxedo jacket with split tails
-Lapel on the jacket is paisley
-Mother of Mary is embroidered in silver on the back of the jacket (pictures in the right hand corner of the picture.)

Bow Tie
-Bow tie is paisley and matches vest
-Pre-tied bow tie

-Also has silver embroidered Mother of Mary on one end of the shawl
-Has silver embroidered Cross on the other end of the shawl
-100% Polyester
-Great Quality
-Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
-Sizes Infant XSmall- Boys 7

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